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What I learned while replacing a medicine cabinet.

1. There is no such thing as a standard sized medicine cabinet.

2. Stores will try, without any visible flicker of remorse, try to charge you $300.00 for an aluminum box with two shelves and a mirrored door.

3. The guy who invented wallpaper deserved to die a horrible, slow and lingering death. I hope he did.

4. My house was built in 1964. If it is representative of mid 60's American craftsmanship, it's no wonder we lost the Vietnam War.

5. Other than the outlet on the old, crappy, rusty, awful medicine cabinet, there was no outlet at all in the room. The '60's sucked.

6. But they did have the heaviest gauge wire known to man. I could have built a suspension bridge out of that stuff. Which made installing a new outlet loads of fun.
Tags: joys of home ownership
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